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Speaking Topics

Ultimate Career Leap, Owning your Career Journey 
The Ultimate Career Leap helps professionals keep their careers fluid and moving forward. It's designed to help those who want to grow and develop within their organizations, increase their visibility and position themselves for more opportunities.   Using a 3-step system professionals learn how to take charge of your career and position yourself for success. Participants learn how to network more effectively, build existing relationships and speak to their results with ease.   

Who's on Deck? Using Sponsorship in Succession Planning
As Marcus Buckingham said "People leave bad companies, they don't leave bad managers." How many good employees has your company lost due to no succession plan for middle management? This talk focuses on how to build succession plans, how to increase retention and build a diverse pipeline.  Participants learn how to identify successors, how to champion for others and how to become a sponsor. 

 Purpose and Resilience: The Real P.R. to Success.
With all the gurus selling success in a bottle and influencers making the journey look effortless, it’s no wonder that many people feel that they don’t have what it takes to pursue their dreams-whether it’s starting a business or advancing in their career. Here’s the thing that no one tells you: success looks different for everyone. But ALL success stories have two things in common: P.R. - purpose and resilience. This talk will help you to tell Fear to hush and have a seat as you leave mediocrity behind.  Participants will be empowered, exhilarated, and learn a 4-step framework for success.

Navigating Career Crossroads: The Power of Persistence, Determination, and Flexibility (PDF) for Professional Growth Hitting a career crossroad can be difficult for employees. They aren’t sure how to stay engaged if they should stay or go but a little assistance goes a long way in retaining them. In this workshop they discover the transformative force of Persistence, Determination, and Flexibility as we explore essential steps to redefine yourself, overcome challenges, and propel your career forward. Learn to craft a standout professional brand, turn obstacles into opportunities, and confidently navigate your career path towards continuous growth and success.

Additional Workshops

  • Position Your talent, Not your Title
  • Pivot & Progress: How to transition 2 steps forward instead of 3 back
  • Sparkle Bright. How to No Longer Dim your Light
  • Networking for Opportunities, not Business Cards
  • Laid Off, Now What
  • Pre Conference & Post Conference Workshops
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Vakassia "V.J." Niles, is a Career Strategist and Founder of The Niles Group, a company dedicating to helping individuals take their careers to the next level. V.J. Niles has been successfully providing trainings and presentations in academia and the corporate world for 20 years. Having a career across four industries has allowed her to bring her vast knowledge to others as a career strategist. She understands how to climb the corporate ladder, what it takes to pivot across industries, and how to grow a professional career brand. She helps her clients find their aha moment and develops the action steps necessary to get to viola! 

V.J. catapults mid-level professionals and executives who are frustrated, tired or just ready for a change get to the next level in their careers. She helps professionals land new jobs, network for better opportunities and get closer to their definition of success and happiness. She utilizes her MBA to assist professionals who are ready to transition from employee to entrepreneur develop their ideas, figure out their niche market and set them on the path to entrepreneurship.

V.J. holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Computer Information Systems from Hofstra University, a Bachelor of Arts in Africana Studies from Hunter College  and a Master of Business Administration from Campbell University. She is  the Immediate Past President of the New York City Professional Chapter of the former National Association of Women MBAs and was the Webmaster and Chair of the Economic Development Committee for the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Suffolk County Chapter, Inc. She is an innovator and former team lead and member of the Black Mastermind Group, Inc. 
V.J. has been the owner of a diversity recruitment firm and a candle business. She has been published in MBA Women magazine, and is a contributing author to "Just Me: The Business Woman's Personal Branding Guide". She frequently speaks for companies, colleges and organizations regarding career strategy, career pivots, leadership, S.T.E.M careers, LinkedIn, and networking tips.   

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